With more than 25 years experience with geothermal heating, Mike Witherell Mechanical is your best choice for vertical, horizontal or pond loop geothermal systems.

Geothermal systems work by concentrating heat from the ground and releasing it into your home in the winter. By reversing the process, cooling your home in summer. In fact, for every dollar that you spend on running your geothermal system you are moving three dollars worth of heat into your home.

MWM is certified by the Canadian Geoexchange Coalition as a designer and installer of geothermal systems

Sheet Metal and HVAC


MWM has a fully capable sheet metal fabrication and installation team ready to complete your commercial project. Whether you are completing a small renovation or a complete new installation we have the qualified staff to suit your needs.


MWM can provide custom HVAC, duct design, fabrication and installation for your project. Our team of BCIN certified designers and sheet metal workers will work with you to ensure functionality, code compliance and comfort.


24 hour Emergency Service is available.


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